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Spirit Thorn, by Zacharias O’Bryan. Spiritthorn.com. The world is changing … shredding around the edges. Young Braden Swift joins Kestrelle, a mysterious spirit girl, on a journey down a wild Oregon river. To prevent the world from fading altogether, they must rescue a monster, the moss-haired yellow-toothed Molly Greenfingers, a native of another time in the Universe. Beset by kidnappings, deadly white-water rapids, and their betrayals of one another, their fate hinges upon the power of a dark Thorn that cures wounds and manipulates living Beings with drops of sacrificed Blood. An introduction to String Theory, the Multiverse, and Multi-Dimensional Space-Time, Spirit Thorn is a modern classic of science fiction and fantasy for pre-teens, young adults and adults.




A Tale of Parallel Worlds  -  by Zacharias O’Bryan

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Spirit Thorn, A Science in Fiction Book
Spirit Thorn, A Family Read Aloud Book