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Chapter 7 - A Fire for Kestrelle

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Spirit Thorn

Those of us raised within European-American culture are quick to chuckle at a practice common within what we call ‘more primitive societies,’ in which the shaman or healer beats on a drum, shakes a rattle or chants a song of healing. How silly: medicine in mere sound waves.
But we have no problem recognizing medicinal properties of other varieties of waves. Low voltage electrical currents can alleviate pain and accelerate the re-growth of damaged skin tissue. High energy radiation can target and eliminate cancerous tumors.
And now in American hospitals, harps and low-toned flutes have emerged. Soothed with music, the wounded and sick heal measurably quicker, while the dying pass more serenely. Science has rediscovered an ancient wisdom: Matter and energy are manifestations of a single reality within the multiverse, therefore our so-called material bodies respond to both.

(From Dr. Rodger Swift’s Abandoned Lab Journal.)