Chapter 12 - Noonlight Canyon, Otters’ Playground

A Tale of Parallel Worlds
by Zacharias O’Bryan

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Spirit Thorn

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If I could become anything imaginable, I suppose I would choose to become, at whim, the solutions to various mathematical equations.
There are equations of the inflationary expansion of the universe, indicating that our universe’s region of space-time once went through a phase transition that boosted matter and energy apart at velocities exceeding light speed; therefore, as the proper mathematical solution, I could move at such speeds.
There are equations indicating that Space and Time reconvene on the far sides of black hole singularities. I could go there and I could return.
There are equations suggesting that entangled pairs of atomic particles maintain an instantaneous ghost communication across nearly immeasurable intervals. I could send messages—perhaps even energy and matter—to any event in the universe.
To freely ride the wings of mathematics, that would amount to equality with the gods. Depending upon the equations, I could be anywhere and anywhen.

(From Dr. Rodger Swift’s Abandoned Lab Journal.)