Chapter 17 - Kestrelle’s Destiny Fulfilled

A Tale of Parallel Worlds
by Zacharias O’Bryan

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Spirit Thorn

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Every child, upon first smashing an egg, learns the First Arrow of Time, as defined by Sir Arthur Eddington, the British physicist of a century ago. It’s the Law of Humpty-Dumpty: What Has Been Done Cannot be Undone.
In other words, there are an infinite number of ways for an egg to be destroyed and broken; but there is only one arrangement of an egg’s molecules that represents its unbroken state. A single state has little chance of recurring when measured against the infinite number of alternate states; therefore actions have the consequence that once they have happened there is no going back.
But what if the multiverse itself is also infinite? Wouldn’t the math change?

(From Dr. Rodger Swift’s Abandoned Lab Journal.)