A Tale of Parallel Worlds
by Zacharias O’Bryan

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In the Spirit Thorn Community Pages, you will find both Zacharias O’Bryan’s blog (on which you are invited to make comments) and a page of links to the books and stories of friends he has met on his journey. Move the cursor to “Community” at the upper right, then click a destination page from the drop-down.

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As you are probably aware, independent writers  and publishers must count on word of mouth for continued visibility and readership. Spirit Thorn has fared well in this respect, and is currently achieving regular sales via eight major eBook vendors. If you enjoy the book, we invite you to return to the vendor from which you purchased it and go to the Spirit Thorn page, where you may state what you liked and didn’t like about the book. These are “reader reviews,” which allow the book to maintain Internet visibility. The following links will take you to the sites and pages. Once there, follow the site’s directions on posting your thoughts. Thank YOU. We couldn’t do it alone.

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Apple iBookstore is different, functioning more like a membership site. You iPad people know how to use it!  

Even if you have read the book online, you can still leave a review on certain ones of these sites, but only if you have purchased other books through them. (This strategy will not work on the Smashwords site.)

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